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i. Minimum of Secondary Education Level.
ii. Age: between 18 years and 81 years of age.
iii. Computer literate and conversant with online training.
iv. Be born again and ready to serve (if not already serving) UNDER a local Church/|Assembly set up.
v. Prayerful and respectful individual servant of God.

The duration of the training depends on the Trainee. The faster one is able to read and do the online exams the faster shall his/her trainee completed.
The certification shall be done once, after the completion of the third level of the training - Advanced Diploma. However, the student shall be awarded thru Email, a transcript for Diploma 1 and Diploma 2 levels upon successful completion of each level.

There shall be no graduation ceremony after the training completion.

The Text book is called “DEVELOPING THE LEADER WITHIN YOU” by John C. Maxwell. The book can be purchased online from or any other Christian Bookshop around your area.

Yes. This set piece book will be the one to be used throughout the course from Diploma 1 to Diploma 2 and Advanced Diploma

Any simple research text book will do for this Module. The student will be required to read through and be able to answer the questions given in the exam.

Yes. After Diploma 1, the continuing level shall be Diploma 2 and finally Advanced Diploma for those who shall have successfully completed Diploma 1 and Diploma 2.

Your reference letter can be written by any of the following:
a. Your local Church/Assembly Senior Pastor, Bishop, or Clergy where you are serving.
b. Evangelist entrusted or authorized to give the recommendation letters in the local Church/Assembly.
c. Prophet you are serving under in your local Church/Assembly.
d. Apostle you are serving under in your local Church/Assembly.
e. Teacher of the word of God you are serving under in a local Church/Assembly

Payment options are given under payment options in another part of this website click Payment Options to read more about it.
It is advised to be actively serving in a local Church/Assembly to put into practice the teachings acquired in the training.
The online counseling uses online posting of pertinent questions and getting online answers from one of the Teachers assigned to answer such life issues on a biblical / scriptural perspective. You shall find this after this section of FAQ.

The Comprehensive Research – Project should be:
a. Presented using the format given in the study materials.
b. Typed.
c. The word count: 2000 to 3000 words which should be indicated.
d. Uploaded online as an attachment in the given icon.

This project shall be the only project required for a student to graduate. Once the student passes this project no other project for Diploma 2 and Advanced Diploma.

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